Router cân bằng tải DrayTek Vigor2960F

Thông số Router cân bằng tải DrayTek Vigor2960F
Enterprise high performance dual-gigabit WAN Firewall VPN router
– Dual-WAN Gigabit WAN: Outbound Policy-Based Load-Balance, BoD (Bandwidth on Demand), WAN Connection Fail-over.
– WAN mode: NAT & Route (internet and VPN MPLS L3 concurrently)
– Hard DMZ (*)
– Load balancing 6 connection with Outbound policy-based (subinterface 802.1a) (*)
– 4 Gigabit LAN port with 20 VLAN and 20 subnet
– 2 USB port for 3G/3.5G/4G modem and FTP/Print server
– High speed VPN server with 200 VPN tunnels (IPSec), SSL Web-Proxy, SSL VPN tunnel, Easy connect for Branch-to-office, Teleworker-to-Office
– VPN Trunking: allows alternative failover route or multiple tunnels to the same destination to capacity/throughput
– Enterprise level Content Security Managment (CSM)
– Web content filter  power by CommTouch (option).
– Dynamic DNS; multi-NAT; DHCP Server, DNS cache & proxy.

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